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GoodBye Firefox

July 16, 2012

It’s been great while it lasted and you lasted longer than my 1GHZ PC.

Since version 13 :

Firefox officially dropped support for XP Service Pack 1

Like a few other die-hards on the internet, I refuse to upgrade to SP2/SP3.
Mainly because those service packs are full of unneccesary bloat.

SP1 runs nicely on my old PC, a fanless (silent) VIA Epia CN1000.
I can still fit SP1 on a 2GB compact flash partition with 1GB free.

SP3 will fit too (with 755MB free) but it really needs another Ghz to run smoothly.

My VIA board will now retire to become a 24 hr web server. I can still run Opera
if I need to browse.

Oh Phoenix, those were the days..


Western Union – Worldwide Fees Shocker.

July 16, 2012

I was trying to find how much it costs to send money between the US and Hong Kong.

Western Union was the first company to spring to my mind as it has shop locations almost everywhere worldwide.

W.U seems like a friendly company judging by it’s wording on it’s websites but it does not make it easy to find the actual cost of a transaction. Only in the US sites is there a calculator to find the total cost. I also came across this article in my searches. So I tried the calclator to find out :-


Jee-e-e-e-zus-ss Kryst ! That’s a 32% fee !!

And I thought Paypal was bad. Paypal inserts +4% in it’s currency conversion and +4% at the seller’s end as a transaction cost. That’s a total of 8%. It’s not good, but it’s nowhere as extortionate as Western Union.