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E-cigarettes – Update

July 16, 2012

As a previous Tobacco smoker that’s tried to kick the habit, I came upon a Credible Alternative.

E-Cigarettes (E-Cigs) have been here since 2007, yet most smokers still seem to be in the dark.
I was both smoking and ‘vaping‘ in 2009 and finally switched to vaping-only since 2010 and vaping ever since.
Having tried all sorts of models, I can can tell that they really do come close to the real experience.

There is nothing electronic about a basic E-Cig. It’s a just marketing hype. An E-cig is just a battery that heats up a wire drenched in flavoured liquid (propylene glycol) called E-Liquid. This gives off water vapour which looks a lot like traditional smoke and some added flavouring which the user can taste. There are no smells left over as the water vapour comes out and disappears. It is safe and odourless for both the vaper and anyone nearby.

E-Liquid can contain nicotine (optionally they can be without), they don’t have the toxins that cause cancer and other diseases because it is not smoke. These were the main incentives for me to switch from smoking to vaping.

With most public places banning real cigarettes, and confessed addicts like me wanting a safer alternative, I really do believe E-Cigs are the future.